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Hothouse Classes - your week of dancing...

Please note that dates and times for the Thursday nights are currently changing. To keep updated about these events at Lykke please look at our Hothousesalsa facebook page until we have a more regular shedule. 

Salsa and bachata dancing brings people of all ages, from every background - those who have never danced before and those who have danced all their lives. The salsa community values inclusivity, friendship, kindness - and fun!

We learn together, with each other, enjoying the moment, the company - and the music.


Private Classes...

Many Hothouse dancers combine group classes with private lessons. These can be 1 to 1, or be designed for couples. They provide a unique, intensive approach to developing your dancing  - to where you want it to be! For more information go to Hothouse 1 to 1

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