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Safe Salsa - important news for all our salsa family


At Hothouse Salsa we are keeping a careful watch on the current Covid-19 pandemic. Our duty of care to you, our dance family, is our very first concern.  Protecting your health at all times is what matters to us. Ahead of the Government’s policy changes likely next week, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel all our major events and larger classes until it is safe to run them again. This means that next week’s party at Tapton Hall will not take place.

However - we do have a plan… 

We are monitoring the situation closely, as it evolves, staying closely in touch with the national and international guidelines. For the time being, we will run small group masterclasses – of up to 12 people – as well as private lessons, which can be for 1 or 2 people.  We’ll put on as many classes as we need to cope with the numbers – and keep every class small.

All classes will be held in private venues – where there is no access to the general public and where we can be 100% confident that  all surfaces have been cleaned  and sanitised thoroughly.  At each of our 2 private venues, there is easy access to wash basins for hand washing, so that hands can be washed frequently – and there will be sanitiser and wipes available in class. 

This means we can ensure that the appropriate safety measures are in place – whilst still providing you with classes and mini-socials, allowing you to develop your dancing skills throughout the crisis. In difficult times it is important  to stay safe  - but you must also pay attention to your mental health – and not getting your salsa fix can be very stressful! 

All that we ask is that you stay home if you are at all unwell, particularly if you have a high temperature and/or a sore throat, that you make sure you sanitise your hands often in class (recommended rate is every 5 dances/30 minutes) and that you let us know that you’d like to join us for a class – so that we can match the numbers to classes. Class prices will remain as they currently are, even for small groups. Small group masterclasses will be held in the private function room at the Punch Bowl, Crookes S10 1TH, and our private lessons will be held at the Kettle Gym, Harwood Rd, S2 4SE.

So - if you would like to be part of our small classes over the next couple of weeks, at our usual times and venues, or would like to take advantage of intense development  of your dancing in private classes, please call or text 07737 495217 to book your place. 


Stay safe everybody - and stay sane as well

Hothouse group classes provide a structured approach to learning to dance, firmly based on a syllabus of the fundamental building blocks of salsa and bachata. As the groups' skills develop, so does the complexity of the moves. You will meet a new set of friends with whom you will learn, laugh - (a lot! ) as well as join on trips to socials, both in Sheffield and elsewhere.  The Hothouse  community of dancers is very friendly and totally inclusive. There are dancers of all ages and from every background. 

At its heart, salsa dance is a community activity. It has its own set of values and behaviours - based on inclusivity, compassion, tolerance and fun. Hothouse provides you with the universal language and culture of salsa - meaning that wherever you go in the world, whatever the locally preferred salsa style, you will be able to dance with people you have never met before - and dance well, with style and sensitivity.

What's more - the Hothouse schedule of classes and events means you can dance just about any day of the week!



Monday night is salsa at the Punch Bowl, Crookes. S10 1 TH,starting at 7 30 pm, for beginners/improvers. If this is your first time with us your class is free!  Improvers /intermediate Salsa  starts at 8 30pm. From 9 30 pm we move into  social  dancing with Rueda, bachata and kizomba, as well as salsa of course!


On Thursday evenings we have lots of fun with Cuban salsa and  Rueda de Casino classes at the Punch Bowl, Crookes, S10 1 TH. We start the evening at 7 30pm , with classes running through until 9 30 pm , with social dancing after that.



On Wednesdays, Hothouse runs an Improver/Intermediate Salsa class at 10 00 am at Tapton Hall, Sheffield ,S10 3BU followed by an Improvers Bachata class at 11 00 am. 

Wednesday Evenings see the Hothouse crew headed to the beautiful dance-floor at Eckington Civic Centre , Market St, S21 4JG, for a free absolute beginners salsa class at 

7 30 pm - 9 30pm The venue is lovely, free car parking nearby and a great bar.


Hothouse classes are priced at the Sheffield 'norm' of:

1 class - £6.00

2 classes  - £9.00

Private Classes...



On Saturday afternoons Hothouse is back at the Punch Bowl in Crookes, S10 1TH. We start with Absolute beginners Salsa at 1 00pm, then

Improvers/Intermediate Salsa at 2 00pm, and Improvers Bachata at 3 00pm. After class a group of us often go into Cubanas in town to meet and dance with the wider Sheffield salsa familia - and practice the moves we have worked on in class...​




Early evening on Sundays sees Hothouse in Barnsley, at Barugh Green Working Men's Club, Higham Common Rd, S75 1LD... Salsa classes for new beginners begin at 6 pm,  with Improvers/Intermediate classes running from 7 pm to 9 pm. After 9 pm , social dancing, bachata and rueda

Many Hothouse dancers combine group classes with private lessons. These can be 1 to 1, or be designed for couples. They provide a unique, intensive approach to developing your dancing  - to where you want it to be! For more information go to Hothouse 1 to 1

Iván Rodrigo Garcia​,  07737 495217.

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