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About Hothouse


Every dance programme has its own style and  approach - some teach a series of increasingly complex moves whilst others work on a more formal series of lessons. Hothouse Salsa is an intensive approach and is the result of 15 years of teaching salsa and bachata, in and around Sheffield

The concept is simple. The Hothouse syllabus is designed to ensure that you become a confident dancer, no matter what the occasion is - be it a crowded latin bar or a social salsa party - and whatever the style of your quickly as possible.

Hothouse focuses on the fundamental principles of salsa and bachata - the building blocks of moves and routines, the footwork and the patterns - and teaches leaders and followers how these are linked together.

Through intense Hothouse workshops and classes, dancers gain skill, knowledge - and the confidence they need to enjoy social events. Classes are friendly and fun,  And Hothouse dancers are supportive, inclusive and caring - a true community.

Many of our dancers travel far and wide to dance at festivals and at congresses both in the UK and internationally. 

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